CropSWAP-Sustainable Water for Agricultural Production

RCWD's CropSWAP Program provides financial assistance to the District's "agricultural" and "ag/residential" customers for crop conversion projects. Crop conversion projects are those that save water through replacement of higher water use crops with lower water use varieties.

In general, to be eligible for participation in the CropSWAP Program, an “agricultural” or “ag/residential” customer needs to propose a project that converts at least two acres of irrigated crop to a different crop that will save at least one acre foot of water per acre per year. For more details regarding the Program’s requirements and financial assistance amounts, please click here.


Applications for the CropSWAP program participation will be approved on a first come, first-served basis, and can be submitted online starting November 14, 2016 by clicking on the “Apply Online” button. Alternatively, hard copies of the application can also be printed and delivered to RCWD headquarters in person during normal business hours no sooner than November 14, 2016.
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Customers who submit applications for eligible projects will be notified in writing by the District of the approval or denial of their applications. Customers whose applications are approved will be eligible for a pre-conversion inspection to be conducted by the District, which will determine final CropSWAP Program eligibility.


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