About the Division

The Finance Division provides the accounting, auditing, investing, and debt management functions required, showing clearly and accurately at all times, the financial status of the District. The Finance Division is also responsible for the annual budget development and determining rate requirements.

The Finance Department provides the following services:

  • All aspects of the District's accounting process
  • Preparation of the District's operating and non-operating budget
  • Preparation of the District's comprehensive annual financial report
  • Payroll administration
  • Debt management
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Treasury management


It is the mission of the Finance Division to provide innovative, proactive, and strategic financial direction and support to Rancho California Water District's Board of Directors, management, and employees in an effort to achieve low, stable water and wastewater rates and charges.

The Division is committed to maintaining the District's strong financial position, efficiently managing the District's financial resources, and ensuring that adequate financial controls are in place and monitored to communicate and report accurate financial results and to protect the District's assets.