Recycled Water

About Recycled Water

Recycled WaterRancho California Water District is continuing to develop more uses for recycled water. Water recycling, which produces highly treated wastewater, is used to irrigate most golf courses, large landscaped areas, schools, parks, and greenbelts in our service area. Southern California is using more and more recycled water in order to save its precious well water and imported water for drinking and household use. Use the On-Site Recycled Water Irrigation Manual (PDF) for proper usage and handling of recycled water, along with requirements for installing or modifying your irrigation system. Managers and supervisors of recycled water systems can also reference the RCWD Recycled Water Site Supervisor Training Program (PDF) guide.

The District's recycled water meets the strict standards of the State Water Resources Control Board and the use of recycled water conserves the regions supply of drinking water. Recycled water is wastewater that has been purified through a series of treatment processes. According to these standards, tertiary-treated recycled water is safe for all human contact, except drinking.