Vision & Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of the Rancho California Water District is to deliver reliable, high-quality water, and reclamation services to its customers and communities in a prudent and sustainable manner.

Strategic Plan

Rancho Water’s Strategic Plan (PDF) is a blueprint for how the District will respond to current challenges and make the best of future opportunities for the benefit of our customers. It confirms our mission and guiding principles as a special purpose public agency dedicated to high quality water, wastewater, and recycled water service.


In Pursuit of the District’s Strategic Plan objective to "Promote an Open and Professional Work Environment throughout the Organization," staff launched an effort to develop shared organizational values with participation throughout the organization which will guide Rancho Water’s actions towards one another, our customers, and our community. As a result, the District established the PRIDE Values Statement as follows:

  • Professionalism: Reflected in the attitude and abilities displayed in dealing with our employees, customers, vendors, and community
  • Responsibility: Over financial operating assets through sound business judgement
  • Integrity and Ethics: Uphold an adherence to moral and ethical principles, and to remain accountable for our actions
  • Dedication: In providing professional, quality services to our partners, customers, and community
  • Equality and Fairness: Commit to maintaining a balanced workplace, by utilizing open communication, diversity, skills, and aspirations of all District employees