Leak Resources

Rancho Water’s Customer Leak Notification Program

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Rancho Water’s automated metering infrastructure provides access to timely and accurate information about customers’ water consumption. Using this information, the District is able to detect non-stop, 24/7 water use and to notify customers that they may have a plumbing or irrigation leak.  As part of Rancho Water’s Customer Leak Notification Program, the District sends leak alerts to residential customers by email, text message, phone call, and/or letter, depending on the contact information we have on file in our billing system. 

Why Did I Receive a Leak Alert?

If you received a leak alert, your property’s water meter has recorded non-stop, 24/7 water usage of at least 7.5 gallons per hour, every hour, over a three-day period, or at least 37 gallons per hour, every hour, over a monitored one-day period. Leak alerts are provided as a courtesy to help inform you that constant usage is occurring. Please note that it is your responsibility to locate and repair leaks or other causes of high water use on your property. Rancho Water cannot locate and/or repair leaks that are located on a customer’s property. If you need assistance finding a leak, please contact a certified plumber or an on-site leak detection service.

Opt-Out of Leak Alerts

Leak alerts will be sent on behalf of Rancho Water as a courtesy to inform residential customers of continuous water usage during the Leak Notification Program. If you would like to be opted out of these alerts, please click HERE to be directed to our opt-out form.

Please note: Our customer service representatives cannot assist customers with finding leaks. You do not need to contact us if you receive an alert unless you would like to opt-out of receiving certain methods of notification. Please visit the resources below to learn how to locate and repair common leaks, view your daily water usage, and review frequently asked questions (FAQ).