Check Your Water

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Rancho Water thanks YOU, our community, for the work you've done to save water over the years. But, now, with California back in a drought, it's time to start checking our water once again. What we can save today, we can use tomorrow. 

So, let's make it simple to save and make sure no water is being wasted! 

See below for a Check Your Water checklist or download it here. Three simple ways to tune up your home’s water efficiency and save on your bill. 

  1. Check Your Water Budget
  2. Check for Leaks
  3. Check Sprinkler Timers

Check Budget

  • Rancho Water provides personalized water budgets to its customers based on the weather, size of the irrigated landscape, and the number of people in the home
  • Log on to MyWaterTracker, and track your water use in real-time. It’s FREE!
  • You can sign up to receive alerts by text or email.  We will notify you when you are at or near your monthly water budget. 

Water Saving Tools

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