Demonstration Garden

Welcome to Rancho Water's Newly-Designed Demonstration Garden

Garden is open to the public at all times at Rancho Water main office (42135 Winchester Rd, Temecula)

Our garden showcases all climate-appropriate, drought-tolerant plants. Find your favorite theme or mix and match plants to make your own custom garden.

Themes include:





Mediterranean Cottage

Modern Farmhouse

Moon Garden

Ojai Valley


Wine Country


Welcome to the Garden

Take a Self-Guided Tour

Download a garden map for your self-guided tour

The demonstration garden begins as you enter the Rancho Water parking lot and continues towards the front entrance, along the sidewalk on Winchester Rd, and into the back courtyard behind the Board room. The public is invited to visit at any time to enjoy the plants, shady trees, and birds and butterflies that inhabit the garden.

Garden Map

Photos & Renderings

The Rancho Water demonstration garden opened in October 2023. 

These young plants may take months to be in full bloom, and even then our garden was designed by McCabe's Landscape Construction to be a garden that blooms in all seasons. Some plants may be dormant when you visit, but others will be bright and colorful. 

Plan another visit in a few months to see what's in bloom for the new season. 

Ready to Plant Your Own Garden?

Visit Temecula Murrieta In Bloom for more water-efficient garden ideas, plant lists, and local contractors that can bring your vision to life.

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