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Surplus Inventory and Equipment Bid Form

  1. I/We the undersigned, hereby propose to purchase the following from Rancho California Water District.
  2. The item(s) will be purchased as is-where is, with no warranties or guarantees given or implied. The purchaser will be responsible for removing all of the item(s) from the site at the time of payment. Payment is due within 30 days after the acceptance of the bid.
  3. Payment may be made via cash or cashier's check. All sales are final. For additional information, please contact the Purchasing Department at (951) 296-6900 or via email at
  4. In submitting this bid, it is understood that the right is reserved by the Rancho California Purchasing Department Supervisor to reject any or all bids. Competing bids will be published to all bidders if there is a higher bid recevied.
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